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Samer Buna
Samer Buna

Samer is a polyglot coder and published author, when he's not coding, he's helping others do!

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Here's why you should join us:

  • Learn what comprises the React.js library
  • Learn to use and reuse React components
  • Learn React's JSX and the Virtual DOM
  • Learn how to handle browser events with React
  • Learn how to work with data in React
  • Learn React components lifecycle and its methods
  • Learn about mixins and JavaScript classes
  • Learn Controlled, Pure, and Controller-View Components
  • Learn the different React development environments (Webpak, JSPM)
  • Learn how to work with React deploying tools
  • Learn how to setup a Node.js server with Express.js
  • Learn reactive updates and unidirectional flow
  • Learn the FLUX pattern with Redux
  • Learn how to write Universal Application (AKA Isomorphic Applications)
  • Learn how to create GraphQL servers
  • Learn the GraphQL query language
  • Learn Relay containers, routes, and mutations
  • Learn modern JavaScript ES2015+ with Babel.js
  • Build a project on React from scratch to deployment

Your ticket includes the full online workshop and immediately available replay videos

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The price for attending all 3-day workshops is $395

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Samer Buna: A simplified explanation of React's Virtual DOM in practice

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